How to Submit Website to Google and why it matters.

Are you a web developer, an entrepreneur, are you are thinking of how to submit your website on Google, to boost better sales, create traffic on your website or interact with numerous potential customers and take your business to the next level. Here is an article about the different steps on how to submit your website on […]



How To Rank Your Website On Google In 2021

Most people have the believe that designing a fancy and colorful website is everything and when the website is online it will automatically rank on the first page of Google within days, some web design company will even promise 20,000 Naira website plus SEO and even promise it will rank immediately after launching. But that is not[…]



Top Online Payment Gateways in 2021

As we all know that since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the need of social distancing has been the order of the day which has resulted to most companies rejecting the use of cash to limit physical contacts, thereby promoting online payments through various payment gateways. Being a business owner or an entrepreneur, you would need[…]