How to Adapt Your Marketing During the Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Are you worried about how to adapt your business marketing during this time of pandemic? This article is aimed at helping you solve the problem.

We all know that the corona-virus pandemic has brought a lot of setback to the world’s economy and as this has affected international businesses, so has it affected local or small businesses in Nigeria and all majority countries. This is a major problem that would need strong marketing strategy to revive it.

Effective marketing is much needed to give your clients or prospective customer a solid reason to come to you instead of going to your competitors. Also, your marketing strategy is what keeps your business going and helps you to earn your customer’s loyalty at this very difficult time.

Just as the whole happenings has made the world resort into practicing social distancing and staying indoor as much as possible so as to avoid contact with people, so as businesses resorted to going digital and taking all marketing activities online.

Here is how to market your business during this covid 19 pandemic

At this time, you might need to update your marketing plan as to make it the situation we are in right now. Have an opinion about all that is happening in the world. Increase your digital marketing as so many people now from home and they only get to see new updates online. You should leverage on this and find how to pass your business message across to them.

This is very important at this time as there are different restrictions on movements which makes digital and online marketing about the most effective marketing strategy for your business.

Using social media platforms has become the major place to promote your brand and also to get new update about your business across your customers, keeping them informed about what you are up to during the covid 19 pandemic.

  • Optimize emails and text messages

Update your target audience and customers through the use of emails and text messages. Do bulk SMS that cuts across all your business contacts. Also send emails in creative ways to constantly remind them about your brand.

  • Use your website effectively

This is also a perfect time for you to use your website efficiently. Make sure that your website that your website carries every message that you want to convey to your clients and your prospective customers.

It should carry little but important details such as your opening hours, announcement on changes made on products and product prices too. Also, give value by reminding them about the virus and the need to stay safe.


  • Offer online educational training

Because of the high rates of unemployment, people are looking for opportunities, so this makes it a good time to offer online training that would help give knowledge. Learn to give back value in order to get people’s attention. Once your customers know they would learn a thing or two from you they remain loyal to your brand.

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