How To Rank Your Website On Google In 2021

Most people have the believe that designing a fancy and colorful website is everything and when the website is online it will automatically rank on the first page of Google within days, some web design company will even promise 20,000 Naira website plus SEO and even promise it will rank immediately after launching.

But that is not true, According to Google algorithm, there are several criteria in which Google check on a website before it can be ranked on Google not to talk of the first page, so be wise, nobody can put your website on the first page of Google except if its Google ad words which is pay per click adverts.

Rank On Google
Rank On Google

Ranking your website can be easy and both hard depend on industry for example lets you are hosting and event in Lagos and you need a feather banner search for “where to buy feather Banner in Lagos ”

We can all see in the map results that comes now first that Lexoft Ranking No 1 , now let’s check the main result.

Rank On Google
Rank On Google

Same thing on the main result, this is not magic and it’s not that we just wake up on day and put it there, this is the effort of Our SEO ( Search engine optimization) Expert working tirelessly to make our website rank for specific Keyword.

Now you may be asking yourself this question “how can i put my website on the first page of Google?” this is the question I will be giving answers to with some of my post here every week and today will i will be showing your 7 step to take if you want your website to rank on Google:

1. Post unique and relevant content: the best way to increase your visibility and attract user to stay on your website is by posting quality content, with over between 1.6 to 1.9 billion websites on the internet today Google always have alternative to your site so if you want your website to stand out don’t copy and paste content on your website, do your research and post content that people will want to read.

2. On-Site Optimization: what is onsite SEO? This is the question most people ask when I talk about onsite SEO, this is also known as on page SEO, its its practically the process of optimizing the element of your website other that off-site that has to deal bask links and more:

  • Use H1 and H2 header tags: There is a strong relationship between Google search rank and the use of header tags in the body of your content. Header tags are also a great way to show the structure of your content and highlight your key points (keyword).
    It is also a great way to make you content readable for users and search engines.
  • Optimize your images: this is simply by compressing your images, have descriptive filenames, and include alt text so that your images will be lighter and easier for Google search to recognize it and increase total speed of your website, this will also increase your user experience.
  • Start title tags with your target keywords: This title tags help both the user and the search engine to know your focus keywords, let’s say someone type “printing company in Lagos” and this comes out
    this time we searching still searching on , as you can see that all the website listed on the first page have the keyword in the title tag.

    Rank On google
    Rank On google
  • Drop your keyword in the first 100 words: I believe we all know what keywords is and I will just go straight to how u can put it in your first 100 words.Let say you operate and event planning company in Ikoyi and you want your website to popup whenever anybody type they keyword “event planning company in Ikoyi” so you can start by writing “ABC Event and an Event planning company in Ikoyi, with over 200 staff and 50 years of planning great event”

    Always make the keyword flow with the content naturally so that the user will understand your content and reduce Bounce rate

3.  Build Quality Back Links: You must be wondering that what is back links, well its simple back links is just a link from other website to your website, it show how popular your website is and avoid spam back links in my next article I will lay more emphasis more on back links and type of back links.

To cut the story short quality content and good design make a quality website, at Lexoft Digital, we Design functional with great design, contact us today and we will design beautiful looking website at a pocket friendly price

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